When it came to choosing a location for the Australian International University, the founders searched far and wide for a location that would be ideal for our valued clients – the students and their parents. One of the most important criteria was that it should be a central location that was easily accessible from different cities around the world. Further research indicated that our clientele valued a central location above all else.

With this important information in mind, we decided to locate the campus for the Australian International University in sunny Alice Springs, which is a bustling international metropolis right in the middle of Australia. Our international students receive a warm Aussie welcome at the Pauline Hanson International Airport , only five minutes by chauffeur-driven limousine from downtown Alice Springs. Our local students arrive refreshed and relaxed after a quick drive along the world-class interstate highways that connect Alice Springs with other less important Australian capital cities.

The total absence of any public transport networks, skyscrapers or infrastructure in Alice Springs also means that it is an extremely low risk for terrorist attacks. Your children will be quite safe at the Australian International University, no matter how bad terrorism becomes elsewhere. Please rest assured that we are also a safe haven from the activities of the terrorist group, “Academic Jihad,” who have infiltrated other Australian universities but have been kept out of AIU by our rigorous indoctrination and reeducation program.