New building to honor school’s internationally recognized status

Our university motto is Rapacitas Bona Est. This is a Latin phrase which roughly translates as, “The Profit Motive is Beneficial.” We chose this motto to symbolise our commitment to the profitable provision of educational services to a growing clientele of financially advantaged industrialists and military personnel in South East Asia. Some people have mistakenly mistranslated our motto as meaning, “Greed is Good,” but that is a totally incorrect and misleading translation.

The Australian International University is a strong believer in promotion of team building via branding and positive mottoisation. Our motto was created by a crack team of motto consultants based in Geneva, Switzerland. We have commissioned a secondary motto which is used primarily by our Faculty of Business, the intellectual powerhouse of our university. The Faculty of Business motto is Non Compos Mentis. Our student social club is also blessed with a carefully crafted Latin motto, which is Virgo Intacta.

Carpe Diem, meaning “Sieze The Day,” is the motto of our University Calendar production team, while Carpe Merulam, meaning “Sieze The Carp,” is the motto of our Student Angling Club. Our Asthma Support Group is the breathlessly proud owner of the motto, Dum Spiro Sperum. Our Vice Chancellor has his own family motto, which is Mea Non Culpa.

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