At Australian International University we have no staff. We are a revolutionary, management only university. By cutting out staff members completely, we have reduced our costs to a market-leading level, enabling us to provide our clients with world-class price point options.

All lecturer and tutors at Australian International University are SSP’s. SSP stands for “Subcontracted Service Provider.” The utilisation of SSP teachers keeps costs as low as possible for us. We can then pass on these cost savings to you, our valued clients.

We demand a minimum Masters degree qualification from all our SSP’s. This ensures a high level of quality education. AIU will raise the minimum qualification to a PhD in 2006. In the year 2007 we will only be accepting SSP’s with post-doctoral qualifications.

Since we offer an extensive postgraduate program here at AIU, all our SSP’s have the option of studying for their Masters or PhD with us, in order to maintain their levels of employability. We offer our SSP’s a system of paying for their postgraduate study via salary sacrifice, which is currently capped at a level of 85%. This guarantees that each SSP will pay no more than 85% of his or her salary for their postgraduate studies at the Australian International University.

Next year we plan to introduce a system of competitive tendering for SSP’s. Each SSP will need to pitch for a teaching job at AIU in a competitive bidding process against other potential or current SSP’s. The factors to be considered in each bid include the number of years’ professional experience each SSP has, as well as their hourly rate in Australian dollars. We are proud to say that we are currently paying our SSP’s less per hour than any other Australian university. Through the introduction of our competitive tendering process, we plan to halve the current hourly rate of our SSP’s over the next five years.

Incentivisation is an important part of motivating our SSP’s. The Australian International University has found that for an SSP, the fear of losing one’s job is a powerful incentive to lower one’s hourly rate. We believe in regularly providing incentives to our SSP’s in order to improve performance and service delivery.

Here at AIU we are also very proud of the fact that our management staff have absolutely no academic experience. Our management team have all been recruited because they come from management, marketing and entrepreneurial backgrounds. We guarantee that none of them are tainted by any experience of pedagogy. George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach,” or words to that effect. Except for our SSP’s, all management staff at AIU are able to “do.”

Staff are encouraged to focus on their mission as service providers to our clientele as well as generating profit for our magnificent enterprise. We have a totally customer-focused mindset in our service delivery. This mindset has been imparted to our SSP’s via a two week compulsory indoctrination retreat at our on-campus, five star hotel: the AIU Hilton International Hotel. Naturally, in the interests of full cost recovery, each SSP offsets the costs of indoctrination and accommodation via a pay deduction equivalent to a level of 95%.